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Actions the Pole Gold have fallen in price almost on 20 %

Actions of the manufacturer of gold largest in Russia - Open Society the Pole Gold - following the results of the auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange have fallen in price almost on 20 %. At the moment of closing of a stock exchange the paper price made 1015,64 roubles that on 19,84 % below level of closing of the last trading day.
earlier today it became known that the transaction between the companies Interros and Nafta - Moscow on purchase of last 37,5 % - nogo Open Society share holding the Pole Gold is on the verge of failure. As has informed the informed source in investment bank circles, absence of available assets on accounts of the gold mining company became the reason for that.
he has noticed that circulating assets the Pole Gold for the last half a year were reduced almost three times. According to a source, their volume is sufficient only for semi-annual functioning, and then the company will face necessity of attraction of credit resources.
we will remind that in the end 2008. Between the companies Interros and Nafta - Moscow the agreement on sale of 37,5 % - nogo Open Society share holding " has been entered into; the Pole Gold at market price existing at that point in time 18 dollars for the action. Since then the company share cost has grown and at present makes 33 dollars
Meanwhile as analyst IK " believes; Brokerkreditservis Oleg Petropavlovsky, transaction failure will negatively affect actions the Pole Gold . If it takes place, company papers will grow. Growth, as he said, will be caused by two reasons one of which consists that with other shareholder a top - management the Pole Gold can find common language. in the Pole Gold Now two shareholders between whom all the same there is a conflict, management of the company from - for it cannot make decisions as which they consider effective .
we Will add also that the day before it became known about refusal preparing en face on petition VTB for acquisition to 50 % of actions the Pole Gold . As the head of department of control of industry FAS Alexey Ulyanov has informed, refusal prepares because VTB has not given the information on from whom he will buy this package. He has specified that if this information will be given, the transaction can be approved. The official has noticed that the petition has been submitted on November, 17th 2008. Under the law term of consideration about three months, so at us term till February, 17th 2009. - A.Ulyanov has explained.
in VTB, Interros and ONEKSIMe on the given information yet do not make comments. However, under the informal data, VTB could represent interests of structures Sulejmana Kerimova, which in September 2008. Sent the offer to Interros about the repayment of its share in the Pole Gold . Then there was an information on a package in 35 % of actions. Later, in the beginning of October, the chairman of board of directors the Pole Gold Michael Prokhorov has confirmed that S.Kerimov has sent the offer. I have learnt about the offer from newspapers, S.Kerimovu has called, has asked, whether truth it, and he has confirmed - M.Prokhorov explained.