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V.Putin against carrying over of terms of transition to fuel European standards

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considers inappropriate and unreasonable repeated carrying over of terms of transition to manufacture of non-polluting gasoline. He has stated such opinion at meeting concerning a condition and to problems of development of oil branch of the Russian Federation in Kirishi (Leningrad region).
According to V.Putin, today offers again sound to postpone transition terms to manufacture of better gasoline, having stretched them for 7 - 10 years. at all respect for oil industry workers I want to remind that we have also other branches, including motor industry. They are put in manufacture of new units, investments already go - the prime minister has told.
he has underlined that this question is connected with prospects of an exit of home producers on the world markets with a better and expensive product that to favourably oil industry workers. Therefore, the head of the government, despite all complexities is assured, the oil companies should find means for manufacture and transition modernisation to release of fuel of new standards.
thus V.Putin has not excluded granting possibility to such manufacturers of certain state support and as an example has resulted guarantees under credits and subsidising of interest rates.
earlier today with criticism of the large oil companies the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has acted. The town governor has accused them of a tightening of transition of the country on more non-polluting gasoline. As he said, in Russia only Moscow has passed to the Euro standard - 3, at the same time the European countries have already begun transition to Euro - 5. Our oil bigwigs disturb to transition of the country to the new quality standard of fuel for cars - the mayor has underlined.
he has added that they specially lower a lath to Euro - 2. According to JU. Luzhkov, it becomes to realise poor quality gasoline frequently. Thus nobody pays attention to harm which puts ecology application of such fuel.
we will remind that according to initial plans, Russia should pass to the Euro standard - 3 since December, 31st 2008. However last year, at the desire of oil industry workers, manufacture of gasoline of the standard of Euro - 2 has been prolonged for 2 years - till December, 31st 2010. Now the oil companies declare, as they have not enough this time.