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S.Shmatko: neftjanku in 2009. Serious deficiency of investments

the General deficiency of investments in oil branch of the Russian Federation in 2009 expects. Will exceed 200 mlrd rbl. Such forecast the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko at meeting concerning a condition and to problems of development of oil branch of the Russian Federation in Kirishi (Leningrad region) has sounded today.
It will not allow to start the full-scale decision of the problems put before branch - he has told. With 2010. Deficiency of investment resources can make 500 - 600 mlrd rbl.
the Minister has added that existing fiscal loading does working out of 36 % of the reconnoitered stocks and 93 % of new deposits neobathed .
Under S.Shmatko`s forecast, an oil extracting gain to 2013. Will make 155 million barr. (21,2 million), total amount of the oil extracted in the Russian Federation, will reach 511 million t in a year.
He has specified that simultaneously Ministry for the Power Generating Industry expects that annual shortage of investments into branch at a rate of 2,8 trln rbl. " will be filled; the multiplicate effect Will be started, and we will provide a gain of budgetary deductions - the minister has told.
according to Rosstata, oil recovery in the Russian Federation in 2008. Has made 488 million t.