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Growth of economy of an eurozone in IV quarter has appeared below forecasts

the European statistical bureau Eurostat has published today the preliminary data on rates of increase of gross national product in a zone of the reference of uniform European currency (euro) following the results of the last quarter 2009.
the eurozone Economy has grown in IV quarter of the past year of all on 0,1 % whereas analysts predicted growth of this indicator at least on 0,3 %. In relation to IV quarter 2008. Falling of gross national product of a zone of euro has made 2,1 %, transfers Reuters.
In 27 member states of the European Union economy growth in quarter calculation following the results of the past quarter has made also 0,1 %, and in comparison with IV quarter 2008. Gross national product has decreased on 2,3 %.
disappointing Enough there was also data on industrial output of a zone of euro. In December of last year this indicator has decreased in comparison with the last month on 1,7 % whereas analysts expected growth promproizvodstva on 0,2 % in monthly calculation.
thus, according to the reconsidered data, in November of last year the volume promproizvodstva has raised on 1,4 % in monthly calculation. In annual calculation the volume promproizvodstva in an euro zone in December has decreased on 5 %.
Growth of economy of a zone of euro has appeared below forecasts of experts from - for German economy which following the results of IV quarter has shown zero rates of increase whereas analysts predicted that gross national product of Germany will grow past quarter on 0,2 %. In comparison with IV quarter 2008. The German economy was reduced in the last quarter 2009. On 1,7 %.
Meanwhile participants of the market agree in opinion that restoration of economy of a zone of euro will be very slow. Oils to fire are added also by a high rate of unemployment. So, following the results of December of last year the rate of unemployment in an euro zone has grown to 10 % that became a maximum for last 11,5 years.