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The Russian share platforms have left in a red zone

the Auctions on the Russian share platforms have begun today insignificant growth of leading indexes. However later 3 hours after the beginning of trading session of the quotation of the majority of blue counters have left in a negative zone.
the statistics publication under gross national product of a zone of euro in IV quarter 2009 became an occasion to change of dynamics of the Russian market on negative., which has appeared worse forecasts of experts.
as of 13:35 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has gone down on 0,25 % - to 1325,97 points. RTS index has fallen to a mark 1384,24 points that on 0,55 % below level of closing of the last trading day. Index RTS Standard bargains on a mark 9166,55 points (- 0,28 %).
On FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in leaders of decrease today Gazprom papers (- 0,53 %), the Savings Bank (- 1,44 %), Rosneft (- 0,24 %), VTB (- 0,28 %), Severstal (- 0,3 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (- 1,96 %), a gold Pole (- 0,51 %) and oil Gazprom (- 1,26 %). In RTS Savings Bank quotations (- 2,88 %), Gazprom (- 2,19 %), " decrease; RusGidro (- 0,25 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (- 0,99 %) and a gold Pole (- 1,15 %).
As analyst IK " marks; Tserih Kepital Management Oleg Dushin, stock markets have received simplification in the form of obligations of the European leaders to cover debts of Greece. The eurozone countries were obliged to support Greece in debt crisis, however details of this plan are unknown. Dynamics of the Russian market is influenced today by the general factors, such as growth American, the Asian and European markets and oil.
today there is a big block of the data of the western statistics. In the USA the data on retails, consumer moods of Michigan university will be published, with delay there is a report from MEA on power stocks. Following the results of the American session in a weekend we expect a small negative at opening of session of the beginning of the next week - has concluded O.Dushin.