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The euro has fallen in price today more than for 30 copecks

In the Russian currency market of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange rouble strengthening in relation to uniform European currency today has proceeded. Dollar quotations, on the contrary, have a little grown up today. The official rate of euro established by Bank of Russia from February, 13 till February, 15th 2010., has decreased for 34 copeck and has made 41,1737 rbl./ euro.
as of 13:50 Moscow time the average rate of euro calculations tomorrow made 41,1197 rbl./ euro. The minimum transactions on euro are made today blizi marks 41 rbl. - at level 41,02 rbl./ euro, maximum - 41,4701 rbl./ euro.
the American currency, on the contrary, has a little risen in price in relation to rouble. The official rate of dollar established by Bank of Russia from February, 13 till February, 15th 2010., makes 30,1595 rbl./ dollars that for 4 copecks above the previous value. As of 13:50 Moscow time the average rate of dollar calculations tomorrow made 30,211 rbl./ dollars The maximum transactions on dollar are made at level 30,3202 rbl./ dollars, minimum - 30,11 rbl./ dollars
Bivaljutnaja a basket (0,55 dollars and 0,45 euros) bargain practically without changes in comparison with level of closing of the last trading day. As of 13:50 Moscow time basket quotations made 35,1374 rbl. that for 1 copeck below level of closing of the auctions the day before.
As analysts " mark; Nomos - Bank the day before the leaders of EU who has gathered at the summit in Bruxelles, at last have sounded the decision on settlement of debt problems of Greece. However, the decision and has not got a concrete kind, and all was reduced to the next acknowledgement of readiness of the countries of an eurozone to take the co-ordinated measures for maintenance of financial stability in region. It is no wonder that the exit from the euro which course has fallen about 1,38 dollars/ euro to 1,36 dollars/ euro became initial reaction of participants of market Forex.
In the Russian market the rouble continued to become stronger in relation to bivaljutnoj to a basket, following the results of the yesterday`s auctions fallen in price on 20 copeck - to 35,15 rbl. Most likely, the Bank of Russia makes foreign currency purchases, partially interfering with excessive strengthening of rouble, but its actions do not differ high intensity. If favorable tendencies in the raw market remain in force, we can quite see reaction of a regulator to rouble attempts to overcome the bottom limit floating a range 35 - 38 rbl. - analysts " have concluded; Nomos - Bank .