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EU and China obvalili uniform European currency

the Uniform European currency has updated today the next minimum in relation to dollar against remaining fears concerning the financial help of Greece, and also from - for growth of aversion of risk after the decision of the Central Bank of China to toughen the regulation of banks, transfers Reuters.
In second half of day the uniform currency of an eurozone has fallen on 1,02 % - to 1,3553 dollars/ euro, earlier reaching minimum since May of last year of a point in 1,3533 dollars/ euro. Thus, for last two and a half a month of euro has lost to dollar already more than 10 %.
One of the reasons of sale of currency of an eurozone began to raise the unexpected decision of National bank of the Peoples Republic of China norms of obligatory reservation of banks. This news has caused splash in aversion of risk from - for fears that the similar decision can lead to delay of restoration of global economy.
Also pressure upon euro on - former renders uncertainty round problems of Greece. The day before leaders of the European Union countries following the results of an extraordinary session in Bruxelles have promised to help Athenes. However more detailed details of the financial plan has not followed that has led to sharp falling of currency of a zone of euro. now it is very difficult to see a ray of hope for euro as it is very difficult to foresee the decision concerning Greece - expert Forex marks. com Jane Foli.
next week session of Ministers of Finance of the European Union country will take place. However experts consider, as this meeting will not throw light on the further future of Greece. even after session of Ministers of Finance there will be many questions. EU does not have experience in settlement of problems such. EU is not IMF, to expect from them resolute actions yet does not cost - currency analyst UBS of Garret of Berry speaks.
Uncertainty concerning the further prospects of leading economy of the world has led to growth of popularity of dollar as active smooth water . EU Intentions are good, but the market would like to see details. While we will not receive more details concerning this political decision concerning Greece, the euro remains under the pressure of sale - representative Danske Bank considers Casper as Kirkegaard.
Additional pressure upon euro was rendered today by an exit of unexpectedly weak data about rate of increase of gross national product and promproizvodstva in an eurozone. Following the results of IV quarter of the past year the economy of a zone of euro has grown on 0,1 % whereas analysts predicted growth at least on 0,3 %. Thus volume promproizvodstva in December 2009. It was unexpectedly reduced to 1,7 % whereas analysts expected growth of this indicator on 0,2 % in monthly calculation.
euro exchange rate falling has already led to dollar growth in relation to a basket of six world currencies. Dollar Index bargains now on 0,8 % above level of closing of the auctions the day before - on a mark 80,63 points, after growth to maximum since July of last year of value in 80,748 points.