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The state exchequer of Ukraine is in a default condition

the State exchequer and system of public finances of Ukraine are in a condition of a technical default. On it to journalists was informed by the head of Audit Chamber of Ukraine Valentine Simonenko, transfers - Ukraine .
As of January, 1st of current year on uniform exchequer the account (EKS) was 1,7 mlrd grn (210 million dollars), and the sum of obligations of exchequer made 25,4 mlrd grn. (3,1 mlrd a dale.) has passed month. The sum on EKS became 2,4 - 2,5 mlrd grn (300 - 310 million dollars), and obligations have grown to 28,3 mlrd grn (3,51 mlrd dollars) . Today the exchequer and our financial system are in a technical default - he has declared.
principal causes of such state of affairs of V.Simonenko named illegal crediting NAK Petrogas of Ukraine and financing of a pension fund which, as he said, was carried out last year in infringement of the budgetary code and the law on the budget.
Besides, the aggravation of position of exchequer has occurred, according to the head of Audit Chamber, from - for a hand control the budget in 2009. As have shown our researches, neither it is a lot of nor a little about 50 % of all account part of the budget have been spent in a manual mode. A manual mode, it, as a rule, and soil for corruption actions, both soil for protectionism and absolute absence of control over movement of means. In our opinion, there was a final fracture of a control system (state) financial resources - V.Simonenko has told.
the Head of Audit Chamber also has informed that deficiency of the state budget of Ukraine has made following the results of last year 34 mlrd grn (4,2 mlrd dollars), or 3,4 % of gross national product of Ukraine. According to the statistics resulted by the Ministry of Finance of the country, deficiency of the state budget in 2009. Makes 2 %, whereas in the law on the budget 2009. Deficiency at a rate of 3 % is put.
Our calculations show that deficiency of the general fund of the state budget has exceeded admissible the law in 2 times. And real deficiency makes not 20 mlrd grn as declared the Ministry of Finance, and 34 mlrd grn, and in relation to gross national product it makes 3,4 % - has declared V.Simonenko.
he also has informed that the state budget 2009. It is not executed on one indicator . So, according to the version of the Ministry of Finance, default of incomes of the state budget was up to standard 30 mlrd grn (3,7 mlrd dollars) Or 11,8 %, but actually, V.Simonenko has explained, this figure can reach 45 %.
Also he has noticed that expenses of the state budget last year are executed on 85 %, and default has made 40 mlrd grn (nearby 5 mlrd dollars), and the lion`s share from them are the protected items of expenses . Thus, as he said, 20 % of all expenses of the state budget in 2009. Was it is spent at the expense of IMF means .