Rus News Journal

The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has fallen below 1300 points

the Auctions in the Russian share market have begun today insignificant growth of leading share indexes. However after three hours after the beginning of trading session of the quotation of the majority of blue counters have left in a negative zone. After negative opening of the auctions in the USA falling of the Russian indexes has amplified.
as of 17:40 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has gone down on 2,22 % and has fallen below a mark of 1300 points - to 1299,23 points. RTS index has fallen to a mark 1361,28 points that on 2,2 % below level of closing of the last trading day. Index RTS Standard decreases on 2,35 % - to 8976,46 points.
on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in leaders of decrease today Gazprom papers (- 3,15 %), the Savings Bank (- 3,51 %), Rosneft (- 1,45 %), LUKOIL (- 1,93 %), Severstal (- 2,6 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (- 6,21 %), RusGidro (- 1,75 %), a gold Pole (- 2,35 %), KAMAZa (- 4,04 %) and Oil Gazprom (- 3,31 %). In RTS Savings Bank quotations (- 5,23 %), " decrease; Nornikelja (- 2,03 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (- 4,95 %), RusGidro (- 1,27 %), Gazprom (- 2,19 %) and a gold Pole (- 1,15 %).
Experts notice that occasions to decrease in the Russian market was much. Today the data under gross national product of an eurozone has been published following the results of IV quarter of last year. The economy of a zone of euro has grown for the accounting period on 0,1 % whereas analysts expected growth of this indicator on 0,3 %.
Has disappointed participants of the market and the Central Bank of China which already the second time from the beginning of year has raised requirements to the banking capital. Investors have reacted to this decision sale of euro and vysokoriskovyh actives. Thus in a minus all trading platforms have left almost, the world prices for oil have started to decrease.