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H.Mubaraka`s resignation has lowered the world prices for oil

Hosny Mubarak`s Leaving from a post of the president of Egypt which it has been declared in the evening on February, 11th, has led basically to decrease in the world prices for oil.
so, the official price of March futures for oil WTI (Light Sweet) at urgent commodity exchange New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in New York following the results of the auctions on February, 11th 2011. Has gone down on 1,15 dollars and has made 85,58 dollars/ barr.
the Official price of April futures for oil of mark Brent at electronic commodity exchange InterContinental Exchange Futures Europe (IE Futures Europe) following the results of the auctions on February, 11th 2011. Has fallen to 0,50 dollars and has made 100,94 dollars/ barr. The price of March futures has raised on 0,56 dollars and has made 101,43 dollars/ barr.
H.Mubaraka`s resignation in the evening on February, 11th in the television reference was declared by the vice-president of Egypt Omar Sulejman. The power in the country has passed to the Council of war of Egypt, which Minister of Defence Mohammed Hussein Tantavi heads. Military men have already declared that do not intend to usurp the power as it does not suit the people of Egypt. In the near future the Council of war intends to address, in which should sound, what steps will be undertaken in the near future.