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The prime minister of Greece has intimidated citizens country crash

the Head of the government of Greece L.Papademos has urged compatriots to support the transaction with the international creditors, having declared that in case the agreement will not be approved, the country economic crash and a collapse of social sphere waits. On it informs Reuters.
the Given agreement defines the future of our country. We only in a step from crash. Shocks which will be caused by a default, will have for us catastrophic consequences: the standard of living will fall so that sooner or later we leave an eurozone - the premiere is told in circulation.
in addition it will mean infringement of import of fuel, medicines and mechanical engineering products - has added L.Papademos.
L.Papademos`s speech wanted to remind once again that waits Greece in case the country will not receive promised 130 mlrd euro.
we Will remind, it is necessary for Greece to obtain new credits till March, 20th 2012. - dates of repayment of state bonds on 14,5 mlrd euro. Thus, as have informed sources in the governmental circles of an eurozone, definitive arrangements with the European Union, the European central bank (ETSB) and IMF should be reached till February, 15th 2012., to settle all formalities till March, 20th. In case of a failure of negotiations Greece cannot pay off with holders of bonds and declares a default.
acceptance of measures of budgetary economy means the further reduction of the salary for civil servants, besides given measure will concern pensions. Similar prospects cause sharp antigovernmental moods in a society.