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Gref does not see arguments for the resignation

“Nonsense“ named Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref idea about government resignation. In its opinion, “ arguments for resignation of the government are not present, and in general, at annual economic growth in 7,7 %, to send the government in resignation is a nonsense “. Gref has noticed that statement of a question on a vote says only that communists do not have any arguments: economic and rational that is why - they also conduct the game, purely political character.
by the way, under messages from the Kremlin, Putin does not intend to send at all in Kasyanov`s resignation, and will dismiss the Duma more likely. Putin does not need to hold the government in a hover. And despite expenses which will entail forthcoming elections, most likely, after the first voting (in case of vote acceptance) the office itself in the second time will put on voting the matter of confidence to the government.
By the way, Alexander Veshnjakov, the head of the Central Electoral Committee, has declared that if the Duma will express a vote of no confidence to the government, early election will be one of variants of succession of events, to which Central Electoral Committees is ready. As he said, “ if according to the Constitution early election is appointed, our duty them will spend “. Along with it Veshnjakov named some difficulties which will need to be considered at carrying out of these elections. According to head TSIKa, the first of them consists in possible mistrust of voters to potential people`s choices. On Central Electoral Commission predesigns, the future elections can pass during the period from June, 10th till September, 16th. Also Veshnjakov has told that financing of early election in the budget is not provided.
the head of the Central Electoral Committee has noted also the second negative moment connected with possible early election. As he said, “ usually crisis situations win extreme forces. Therefore our dear politicians need to analyze very seriously possible results of these elections “. In summary Veshnjakov has told that preschedule parliamentary elections can already pass under the new law, with amendments which have been offered by the president and Veshnjakovym.