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To Russia meat of mad cows will not bring!

Vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation, Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev considers unreasonable fears that to Russia can be delivered disputable meat subject to quarantine from the Western Europe . In conversation with journalists he has told that we are not going to make such purchases, and the appeared messages on it is full nonsense . In particular, Gordeyev spoke about meat of the cows hammered into Germany in connection with epidemic of furiousness. He has noticed that all statements that to Russia to arrive similar meat is a bosh
it is quite probable that meat of the hammered cows to Russia will not arrive, however the fact - that all of us will buy German beef. So, in the middle of February Yury Luzhkov declared that is fast from Germany in Moscow will be brought 100 thousand tons of beef. However, the mayor has underlined that is not present any somnenijv harmlessness of meat for health of the person . He has noticed that careful control over imported meat products is carried out. Luzhkov has explained a position of the authorities of Moscow to that in Russia there are no own foodstuffs, we are dependent on foreign deliveries, and, by the way, it is necessary to buy not only meat, but also other products .
it is necessary to notice that Russia - the largest buyer of German beef. So, in one of the last years at total exports from Germany of 220 thousand tons of beef, about 75 % it was necessary on the Russian market.
now scandal has inflamed after one of deputies of the Bundestag, Helmut Kamp has declared that to Russia, no less than thousand tons of the hammered cows will be directed to Mongolia and the North Korea. In total in Germany the face about 400 thousand goals of a horned cattle is planned. Their meat is forbidden for using in the Germany, but export to other states is authorised. However, words of the Minister of Agriculture of Russia calm the Russian consumers - meat will be delivered to us qualitative and checked up.