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Talibs have excited the world prices for opium

the Prices for opium have increased in 18 times from the moment of introduction by the Afghani movement the Taliban an interdiction for poppy cultivation in the country in July of last year. As has informed today the Afghani Islamic agency, before acceptance by the leader of Talibs by mullah Mohammad Omarom of this decision the opium kg could be bought for 34 dollars. Today the same quantity of a drug is on sale at the price of more than 600 dollars.
and after all not later than last year Afghanistan was the largest supplier of illegal opium in the world, making to 3500 tons of a drug a year. The information on action in Afghanistan of an interdiction for cultivation makovyh cultures have confirmed and in a staff - apartment of the Program of the United Nations on control over drugs. In this organisation expect that deliveries of the Afghani opium to the illegal markets of the world will decrease during the current year for 3000 tons.
the United Nations program also informs that opium manufacture in Afghanistan almost is completely liquidated. In Afghanistan huge fields on which in the past it was grown up opijnyj a poppy, are now used for crops of grain crops, in particular, wheat. It is expected that this year opium manufactures will be the extremely insignificant. Some experts believe however that the strong drought which has amazed the country became the main reason of a similar situation.
in the past Afghanistan made more than half of all opium in the world and was the main supplier of heroin in the West countries. So, in 1999 in Afghanistan it has been made two thirds of all world volume of opium - a raw from which receive heroin. 97 % of a crop opijnogo a poppy gathered in the territories which are under control of the Afghani Talibs. The record harvest - more than 4,5 thousand tons has been collected. Opium processing too mainly went in Afghanistan, instead of in Pakistan as it was before. The basic routes of delivery of drugs on the West for the present pass through Central both Central Asia and caucasus.
However the happiness of drug dealers was short-lived. In the summer of last year the talib government has published the decree according to which in Afghanistan the interdiction for poppy crops is entered. Infringers punish, and their crops destroy. However in connection with an interdiction the Taliban urges to render to the country the considerable international help to compensate losses of those who was engaged in cultivation opijnogo a poppy and now will not have means of subsistence. To rescue them from hunger, it is necessary to direct those millions which the world spends annually for struggle against spread of drug addiction to Afghanistan, the representative of the Afghani commission against drugs of Mahmud considers the Brazier. In its opinion, instead of giving money to Iran, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan that those have closed the borders for transportation of drugs, it is better to give these means to the Afghani farmers .
Anyway, struggle against drugs, really, was developed in Afghanistan with might and main. Recently the militia of ruling movement the Taliban has destroyed 25 laboratories on heroin manufacture on jugo - the country West. Representatives of the United Nations, Iran and Pakistan observed of destruction of laboratories. Together with laboratories it has been burnt and more than hundred kgs of the heroin. Last year Talibs also the single certificate have destroyed 32 laboratories. The spiritual leader of Talibs Mohammad Omar`s mullah has again addressed to farmers with an appeal not to grow up a poppy this year under the threat of prison and large penalties.