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Lawyers of Borodino are ready to pull out it from prison

Lawyers of the state secretary of the Union of Russia and Belarus Pavel Borodina consider that can give guarantees to the American court for clearing of the client on the security. On it has informed today to journalists on a press - conferences in Moscow the lawyer of Borodino Henry Padva. It has reminded that the judgement appeal, according to which Borodlina have not released on bail, it is planned for March, 16th.
Padva has specified that the complaint is submitted to the same court of East district of New York, but the judge of higher instance. At present the court has asked for protection of granting of guarantees on maintenance of technical control over a site of Borodino. At the same time he has noticed that the court on 90 % recognised presence of exclusive circumstances for clearing of the state secretary of the Union of Russia and Belarus on the security. However, according to Padvy, all - taki has refused clearing on the security of Borodino, and has noticed that If there is at least 1 % of default of guarantees the positive decision cannot be accepted . Besides the American side bears responsibility before the Swiss Office of Public Prosecutor under which requirement Pavel Borodin has been detained.
Thus while Borodin remains in prison where as already it became known at the state secretary of the Union of Russia and Belarus there were problems with health. It is quite probable that it will affect removal by decision court.
However, while the American side refuses to give the full medical information on Pavel Borodina`s state of health. As lawyers Henry Padva and Eleonora Sergeeva, " have declared today; We are disturbed very much by this situation . Borodin has already sent the special statement of administration of the Brooklyn prison in which has declared necessity of granting to lawyers of the full medical information on a state of his health. As has noted Padva, prison doctors refuse to give out the information because full medical examination of Borodino has not been spent, however the lawyer has expressed hope that in the near future this situation will be resolved. Besides, as has informed Padva, there is an information that the permit to survey of Borodino by the doctor of the Russian embassy in the USA is obtained, however it is not known yet, whether such investigation has been carried.