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Napster will not allow to download free of charge 135000 songs

the Sound recording companies have presented the list from 135 thousand musical compositions, the exchange with which Napster should block. On it Napster, according to a judgement accepted last week, it is taken away three days. Thus, the Association of the companies of the sound recording industry of America has taken the first step to the termination of an unapproved exchange by records of songs in a global computer network. The presented list contains names of songs, names of actors and the name of computer files under which this or that song is present on sites Napster more often.
Management Napster has already started to block an exchange of compositions, however users find ways to avoid blocking, in particular, by change of names of musical files. Meanwhile, esperty consider that if access to the most popular songs will be completely closed, the most part of audience of users Napster will exchange musical files on competing web - sites, and will already stop their activity much more difficult as at them is not present either the central server, or uniform structure.
company Napster is engaged in distribution through a network of pieces of music. Proceeding goes about one year, and, the government of the USA has joined the claim even. Besides US authorities 200 companies appear in the statement of claim. Than this company was guilty?
originally the claim has been submitted by the American association of the sound recording industry which has accused Napster of infringement of the legislation on the copyright. Of minor court has made the decision on closing of a site of company Napster, but the Federal appeal court in the USA has cancelled the decision. Napster gives the chance to users to download the software with which help they can copy musical files in format MP3 from computers each other. In the protection Napster declares that users of a site do not break the copyright as exchange sound files free of charge for noncommercial using.
this service causes anxiety in studios gramzapisi as such practice breaks copyrights, actually, reduces profits on sales. At company Napster at the moment more than 20 million users.