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To Vyahirev advise to return investments in NTV

Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation recommended to Open Society management Gazprom in the shortest terms to return the means enclosed in NTV and a number of other mass media. It is promised also that some representatives of the state in a management Gazprom will be removed from the posts.
as the auditor of the joint venture of the Russian Federation Michael Beshmelnitsyn has declared, investments in a broadcasting company of NTV and other mass-media are recognised by Audit Chamber by not profile. These means should be directed on stabilisation of volumes of gas production.
Besides, some representatives of the state in a management Gazprom will be removed from the posts. We will remind, during check of activity of Open Society experts of Audit Chamber have come to a conclusion that a number of the officials representing interests of the state in board of directors of the company, insufficiently effectively carries out the functions .
Now experts should establish, How much Gazprom and Itera work independently from each other and how much it is the independent companies . Whether will be found out, is Itera the channel on which Gazprom withdraws financial assets and actives.
the Audit Chamber also should check up activity of both companies abroad. The checking organisations of the USA will be involved in work. It is caused by that Itera it is registered in the United States. As Michael Beshmelnitsyn believes, work will be finished in the summer of this year.
same year there will pass check of the Russian oil companies. Auditors correctness of calculations of oil industry workers with the budget interests. It is necessary to prepare for visit of experts to the oil companies with the state participation, and also to all oil holdings which are largest in Russia payers in budgets of all levels.
Michael Beshmelnitsyn has not excluded possibility of that during work the data of already spent checks of such companies, as " will be used; Slavneft and Gazprom . Besides, activity of the state pipeline company " will be considered; Transneft . A series of these checks will be united in the uniform program of Audit Chamber under the name Oil and the budget .
During the previous check Gazprom one of high lights to which auditors have paid attention, - decrease Gazprom volumes of extraction of natural gas. At present in Audit Chamber positively estimate that on one of sessions of board of directors of the company the decision to give particular attention to stabilisation of level of gas production was accepted and to concentrate efforts to new projects. In particular, input of the Polar nonassociated gas field will allow to increase gas production to 530 mlrd cubic metre a year and to keep this level of extraction till 2010.
as to Slavneft in the beginning of carrying out of check of activity of the company auditors have come to conclusion that the expenses connected with reconstruction of the processing enterprises Slavneft are overestimated. The rebuilding plan of affiliated Open Society " has been as a result corrected; Slavneft - Jaroslavnefteorgsintez and two other processing enterprises - Mozyrsky NPZ and Yaroslavl NPZ of Mendeleyev.