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Armies of the Russian Federation in Kosovo - in 10 - minute readiness

the NATO and Yugoslavia have signed today the agreement which allows the Yugoslavian armies to return to a buffer zone on border from Kosovo.
in the meantime as the chief has declared a press - services Air - landing armies of the Russian Federation Nikolay Bragin, despite conditions aggravation in frontier areas of Macedonia and closing jugoslavsko - Macedonian border (its site in Kosovo), military men of all three Russian tactical groups deployed to Kosovo as a part of peacekeeping forces of the United Nations, work in a normal mode.
however with military men 13 - j the tactical group located in sector of responsibility of the USA, actions for vigilance strengthening are carried out. Besides, reserve groups of commandoes are resulted in a condition 10 - ti minute alertness. Also time posts of supervision are in addition exposed and patrol routes are defined.
Signed today representatives of the NATO and Yugoslavia the agreement means that now the Yugoslavian armed forces will assist an alliance in struggle against the weapons smuggling, delivered by the Albanian insurgents on the country south in a valley of Preshevo and the next Macedonia, and also with the attacks which have become frequent recently from the Albanian separatists.
the agreement is reached, input of the Yugoslavian armies in a buffer zone - near future business - the commander of NATO peacekeeping forces in edge the general - lieutenant Karlo Kabidzhozu has declared after signing of the contract.