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The Internet user is condemned for conversation in a chat

By two years of imprisonment the user of the international computer network who has subjected to criticism in a chat Communist party of China is sentenced.
on it has informed today the Information centre located in Hong Kong under human rights and democracy. According to the centre, during discussion in a chat of a problem of corruption in the power of 27 - the summer teacher of computer science at high school has declared: I want to tell only one: down with Communist party .
Incident has occurred on August, 11th last year. The police being on jugo - the east of China of the city of Nanchong in which the dissident lived, has closed a chat at once after on it there was an antiparty statement.
about one week the police searched for the criminal for what bodies of protection of the law and order have generated special committee. In December of last year the court of Nanchong has sentenced the dissident to two years of imprisonment, however the authorities have made decision not to make this business public. The teacher has appealed on the city court decision in court of a province Sichuan.
struggle against dissidents of the power of China always conducted rigidly and uncompromisingly. Heterodoxy choked by all means, up to use against people of tanks. However now the Chinese authorities are compelled to operate carefully and in every possible way to hide cases of political repressions. The country Beijing capital struggles for the right of carrying out of the Olympic games of 2008, and the bad reputation in the field of observance of human rights can prevent a victory.