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On human potential Russia - on 62 - m a place

Russia occupies 62 - e a place in the world on a level of development of human potential. Such data is resulted in the report of the Program of development of the Organization of the incorporated nations in the Russian Federation.
the program presentation has taken place today in Moscow. The index of development of human potential pays off on the basis of three indicators: level of incomes, life expectancy and an educational level.
authors of the document applied the following data to calculation of an index: gross national product volume per capita in Russia has made 574 dollars in 2000 1 thousand; level of literacy of adult population in the Russian Federation equals 99,5 %; average life expectancy in Russia, by data for 1999, has made for men - 59,9 years, and for women - 72,4 years.
In the report it is underlined that the share of the State expenditure on formation in the country has made in 2000 0,5 % from gross national product total amount, and on public health services - 0,2 %, whereas a share of the means allocated for military expenses, - 2,4 %.
Works on creation of the given report were financed by the Spanish government, the International organisation of work (SQUANDERER) and the Program of development of the United Nations in the Russian Federation.
meanwhile, according to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, last year population of the country has decreased for 0,5 % (751 thousand persons), having made 144 million 800 thousand In 78 regions death rate prevailed over birth rate, and as a whole on the country death rate has exceeded birth rate in 1,8 times. Others to words, from each thousand Russians past year 15,3 persons have on the average died, and were born only 8,7.