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Pinocheta release from - under house arrest

In Santiago judge Juan Guzman has decided to release the former Chilean dictator, 85 - summer Augusto Pinocheta from - under house arrest.
at this Guzman has refused to explain motives of the decision. Now it should be approved appeal court of a city of Santiago. Court session on this question is planned on 13 - on March, 14th.
the decision on clearing of Pinocheta from - under house arrest has followed after the appeal court of Chile last week has refused charges in kidnapping and the murders made right after of a military coup d`etat of 1973 and has replaced with its charge in concealment guilty of mass reprisals.
the former leader of Chile has been placed under house arrest on January, 29th. Within 40 days it has been deprived the right to leave the residence which is located in 130 kilometres to jugo - to the West from country Santiago capital. Against it 177 claims of relatives of victims and the missing Chileans have been in total submitted. Earlier Pinocheta have deprived of inviolability which it used as the lifelong congressman.