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Honda Motor Honda Motor Co company invests $417 million in factory building in India

Avtomobilestroitelnaja. Plans to invest 417 million dollars (48 mlrd yens) in building of new factory in India, informs () Associated Press. Official representatives of Honda yet have not confirmed the given information. At the industrial enterprise motorcycles will be made.
taking into account volume of release of new factory at a rate of 1,5 million motorcycles, the total of made motorcycles of mark of Honda in India will make an order of 7 million units in a year.
the first phase of building of factory will be finished by May 2007., and full end of civil work is expected to 2010. The industrial enterprise will be constructed in the north of India near to Haridvarom. Predictably, to 2010. Demand for motorcycles in the Indian market will increase to 12 million units a year.
we will remind that Honda Motor Co. Is the third on size a Japanese motor-car manufacturer and the largest world manufacturer of motorcycles. The company net profit in I quarter 2006 - 2007, come to the end on June, 30th of this year, has grown on 29,6 % - to 143,4 mlrd yens (1,24 mlrd dollars) in comparison with 110,76 mlrd yens (947,27 million dollars) for the similar period of last year.
operational profit of the company for the accounting period, the including profit on joint ventures in China, has grown on 19,4 % - to 203,52 mlrd yens (1,74 mlrd dollars) in comparison with 170,39 mlrd yens (1,46 mlrd dollars). The gain for the accounting period has grown on 14,8 % - with 2,26 trln yens (19,38 mlrd dollars) to 2,6 trln yens (22,25 mlrd dollars). Results of financial activity of the company have appeared above forecasts of analysts. The company explains growth of financial indicators by successful sales in the market of the USA.