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Banks have redeemed at Rosneft 60 % from an option on dorazmeshchenie actions

will redeem the Consortium of banks at NK Rosneft an option on dorazmeshchenie 31 million 189 thousand 362 actions in the form of GDR, has informed a press - company service. It makes approximately 60 % from an option offered Rosneft to banks - to co-ordinators. We will remind, the company has allowed to redeem it 52 million 980 thousand 132 actions in the form of GDR that makes about 4 % from total amount IPO.
the Notice on option realisation has arrived on August, 11th 2006. From joint global co-ordinators of primary public placing of actions (IPO) Rosneft abroad - ABN AMRO Rothschild, Dresdner Kleinwort, J. P. Morgan Securities Ltd. Both Morgan Stanley and Co. International Limited.
the Price for one GDR will make 7,55 dollars that corresponds to the price of placing during IPO. The Net profit Rosneft (Minus the commissions) as a result dorazmeshchenija actions will make 232 million dollars transaction Closing on option realisation is expected on August, 16th 2006.
After placing of additional actions within the limits of an option total amount of the international offer Rosneft will make 1 mlrd 411 million 421 thousand 975 actions, including securities in the form of GDR.
As it was informed earlier, Rosneft within the limits of IPO has involved 10,4 mlrd dollars from which 8,5 mlrd the dollars receive from sale of actions Rosneftegaza 1,9 mlrd dollars - actions Rosneft . The placing price has made 7,55 dollars for one ordinary action of a state company and for one GDR. Thus Rosneftegaz sold 1 mlrd 126 million 357 thousand 616 actions and receipts, Rosneft - 253 million 874 thousand 997 GDR, not including an option dorazmeshchenija.
As head " has declared; Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikov, 23 % from IPO were redeemed by three investors: BP (Great Britain) has bought 9 % from bargaining actions on 1 mlrd dollars, Petronas (Malaysia) - 10 % - on 1,1 mlrd dollars, CNPC - 4 % - on 500 million dollars the Russian citizens have got (China) of actions Rosneft on 755 million dollars Following the results of primary placing, capitalisation Rosneft (taking into account consolidation of actives, but without taking into account dorazmeshchenija) has made 79,8 mlrd dollars the Official auctions by actions of the oil company on RTS have begun on July, 17th 2006., on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and the London stock exchange - on July, 19th.