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Inflation in the Russian Federation for the first week of August has made 0,2 %

In the Russian Federation inflation for 1 - on August, 7th 2007. Has made 0,2 %. Head MERT today has informed On it to journalists the Russian Federation Herman Gref. Earlier it expressed hope that inflation in August - September 2007. It will be close to zero.
answering a question of journalists, whether by the end of August the deflation will be observed of this year, G.Gref has told: Time will tell. Inflation in August - September should not be big .
Inflation for the first 7 months 2006. Has made 6,6 %. Forecast MERT the Russian Federation on inflation on 2007. Makes 8 %. According to G.Gref, the ministry yet does not plan to reconsider the given indicator.
earlier the minister has informed that the indicator of inflation following the results of July was more low, than in 2006. Thus we really move a little above the schedule - G.Gref has noted. As he said, it is caused by such reasons, as a rise in price plodovo - vegetable production and a rise in prices for oil products. However the base reason head MERT names higher price for oil and high level of inflow of the capital to Russia. while I do not see any bases for a panic while we still have possibility to keep within the forecast in 8 % - the minister has told.
according to head MERT, the government will accept a number of measures on inflation decrease. it is unessential to strengthen rouble, it is possible to sterilise superfluous monetary weight - G.Gref has told. For example, grain interventions can be one of government measures on inflation decrease.