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Gold and exchange currency reserves of the Russian Federation have grown to $597,5 mlrd

Volume of gold and exchange currency reserves of Bank of Russia for August, 8th 2008. It has made 597,5 mlrd dollars In comparison with the previous indicator has increased by 200 million dollars, or on 0,2 %.
we Will remind that for five previous weeks gold and exchange currency reserves of Russia have grown on 33,8 mlrd dollars Hence, only for last thirty trading days their increase has made exactly 34 mlrd dollars, or 6 %.
the Reason of high rates of increase in gold and exchange stocks of the Russian Federation can be as very appreciable strengthening of euro to currency of the USA at the international stock exchanges, and sharp activization of purchase by the foreign currency Central Bank on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange.
at the same time growth of gold and exchange stocks of Russia for last accounting date became the lowest for a week since March, 21st of current year, i.e. already for four and a half a month. The given circumstance can be connected with considerable intervention of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the end of the past week in support of rouble for conditions stabilisation in the internal currency market from - for sharp aggravations of a situation in South Ossetia.
now the Russian Federation on level of gold and exchange stocks strongly takes the third place in the world - after the Peoples Republic of China and Japan. Gold and exchange currency reserves of the Peoples Republic of China on the end of June have exceeded 1,8 trln dollars, having increased for last year by 35,73 %. Though rates of increase of the Chinese reserves in June 2008. Have appeared twice more low, than in May and April, on volume of reserves in foreign currencies, and also on rates of increase of this indicator Heavenly Empire while advances all countries of the world. There is it thanks to huge proficiency of trading balance which eats at the expense of growing export to the USA.
gold and exchange stocks of Japan on the end of June made 1,002 trln dollars For the first time for last three months the country has increased their volume more than on 3 mlrd dollars - With 996,9 mlrd month before. To increase volume of reserves of Japan the profit on investments, and also growth of the European currency in relation to dollar that has raised cost of bonds in the euros entering into reserves of the state has helped. A positive role the high prices for gold have played also.