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Eurozone gross national product has decreased for the first time with 1995.

According to preliminary data, gross national product in a zone of the reference of uniform European currency (euro) in II quarter 2008. In comparison with the last quarter has decreased on 0,2 %. Such information was published by the European statistical bureau Eurostat.
In 27 member states of the European Union gross national product decrease in II quarter of this year in comparison with I quarter has made 0,1 %. This first quarter decrease in gross national product for all history of carrying out of statistical researches on this indicator (with 1995.) .
In comparison with II quarter 2007. In II quarter 2008. Gross national product of a zone of euro has increased by 1,5 %, and in 27 member states of the European Union - on 1,7 %. As it is marked in a press - release Eurostat, the greatest contribution to gross national product decrease to quarter calculation was brought by Germany, France and Italy.
under the definitive data, inflation in a zone of the reference of uniform European currency in July 2008. Has made 4 % in annual calculation. In June 2008. This indicator has made 4 %, in May - 3,7 %, and in April - 3,3 %. Inflation in 27 EU countries in July 2008. In annual calculation has made 4,4 %. The lowest rate of inflation in annual calculation has been fixed in the Netherlands (3 %), Portugal (3,1 %), Germany (3,5 %). The highest - in Latvia (16,5 %), Bulgaria (14,4 %) and Lithuania (12,4 %).
it is necessary to notice that the European central bank (ETSB) put the problem to keep a rate of inflation at level hardly above 2 %, however promptly growing prices for energy carriers and foodstuff have considerably accelerated growth of this indicator.