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The rouble has won back at dollar of 42 copecks more

At the today`s currency auctions the Russian currency has continued to become stronger in relation to dollar and euro. The official rate of dollar established by Bank of Russia for the weekend, has made 31,7226 rbl./ dollars It for 42 copecks below value of the last trading day.
also has slightly lost won in the beginning of this week of a position and uniform European currency: during week-end one euro can be bought for 45,26 rbl. that almost for 55 copecks below the previous value. Quotations bivaljutnoj baskets have fallen at the today`s auctions almost for 70 copecks - to 37,86 rbl.
rouble Rise in price has proceeded today after the whole train of falling. Only for last week the Russian currency has lost an order of 90 copecks in relation to dollar and about 1,5 roubles to euro. This week has begun small growth of rouble, but on Tuesday growth was replaced by falling: as a result of all for one day rouble has given in relation to dollar almost on rouble.
According to the experts, a principal cause of falling of rouble this and last week steels of action of speculators. However the day before speculative speculation for the fall of rouble in the Russian currency market has ended. all has been expected enough. After strong easing we have seen decent correction of rouble. I think, the greatest role in yesterday`s strengthening participants have played. At such external conjuncture intervention of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation practically is not necessary - the chief of analytical management IK " marks; Veles the Capital Michael Zak.
according to the expert, in immediate prospects strengthening of the Russian currency will be observed. at a present situation the rouble looks more preferably in comparison with other currencies. However in more remote prospect of rate fluctuation of rouble will be on - former to depend on dynamics of the prices for oil - M.Zak has underlined.
analysts of Nomos - Bank adhere to the similar point of view also. As they said, speculative activity of buyers has given way to fundamental factors - to the high prices for oil which keep the second week at level above 70 dollars for barr. Besides last days to the international investors have returned appetites to risks that, as one would expect, was reflected in easing of dollar and an accompanying rise in prices in the raw markets - experts speak.