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The Ministry of Finance has decided not to create new state corporation

At creation of the Russian financial agency the state corporation form will not be used, has informed vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin. we will find more convenient organizational - the legal form of functioning of this enterprise - he has told, the radio station " transfers; the Beacon .
Idea of creation of the state corporation the Russian financial agency (RFA) management of means of Fund of national well-being (FNB) will be which base function, has been sounded in the beginning 2009. It was originally planned that this question will be considered by the government of the Russian Federation in March of current year. However the stage of the coordination with interested departments - the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and trade, FSFR and the Central Bank - was tightened.
Today it became known that the project of the corresponding law is directed on registration to the Ministry of Justice then it will be submitted for consideration the governments. It is supposed that RFA will be engaged in management of means FNB, reserve fund, pension accumulation, an external and internal debt of the country.
in the State Duma consider that creation in the Russian Federation the eighth state corporation - the Russian financial agency which main objective declares management efficiency increase by the state actives and promissory notes, will promote a solution of a problem long money . Such opinion was stated today by the head of committee of the State Duma of economic policy Evgenie Fedorov. in the Russian Federation there is a big problem which crisis has especially underlined and has made key. It is a problem of so-called long money. The problem directly is connected with universal economy, with monopolism of one currency which extorts these long money From many countries. This problem has put Russia on a side of a heavy financial position: after all almost all industrial and other enterprises took money abroad - the deputy has noted. The state corporation, in its opinion, can solve this problem by consolidation of reserve resources of the state .
In turn the committee-man of the State Duma on the financial market Pavel Medvedev, speaking about expediency of creation of structure, has noticed that someone should operate actives because it is not so clear as duties to within details " are distributed;. While after all the considerable part of work is carried out by the Central bank, and it is not so natural, though the Central Bank with this work consulted very well - he has underlined.
organizational - the legal form (the state corporation), chosen for created by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the Russian financial agency it is inconsistent. Such opinion was stated by company FBK partner, the director of department of the strategic analysis Igor Nikolays. As he said, the form is inconsistent and from the point of view of the legislation of the Russian Federation, and from a practical side. had not time to earn state corporation as about efficiency such organizational - the legal form discussions began to be conducted. And now discussions are conducted against checks of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of all state corporations, - the expert has noted.
I.Nikolaev has underlined that the main contradiction was and there is an uncertainty of the property rights. In its opinion, there are problems with state property control as a property payment in state corporation as a matter of fact it becomes formal) a private property. accordingly if the state cannot supervise, there are considerable budgetary risks and it is reflected in efficiency, - the director of department has added. Besides it, there is one more contradiction connected particularly with created the Russian financial agency . According to the expert, there are questions in connection with transfer by the Ministry of Finance to agency of a part of functions on management of a public debt, liquidity of the federal budget and Fund of national well-being. thus the agency will involve management companies for realisation of these functions, - the expert has added. I.Nikolaev has expressed opinion that the Ministry of Finance can continue to realise these functions.
speaking about creation terms the Russian financial agency I.Nikolaev has told that 2010. Is a maximum when it should be created. The expert has explained that next year means of Reserve fund will be spent also Fund of national well-being promptly will start to grow thin . It is necessary to be in time, while there something remains - he has added.
the Deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pankin informed earlier that the Russian financial agency can begin work by the end 2009. Before experts expressed opinion that the given agency management of means of Fund of national well-being will be which base function, can be created in 2010.