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V.Putin has established the top lath of cost of budgetary habitation

Cost of square metre of habitation ekonomklassa in the Russian Federation should not exceed 30 thousand rbl. Such statement the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at session of presidium of Council about realisation of national projects in Sochi has made.
thus, the chairman of the government has noted, it needs to achieve not to the detriment of quality. According to the prime minister, such apartments will be on a pocket not less than 40 % of citizens of the Russian Federation.
V.Putin has noticed that the state now is, as a matter of fact, with the main player in the market of habitation and can stimulate development of such segment, as habitation ekonomklassa and especially low building. According to the prime minister, it is necessary to co-ordinate more effectively all housing programmes, to co-ordinate them in the uniform logic .
we Will remind that, according to the president of Association of builders of Russia (ASR) Nikolay Koshman, volume of building of habitation in the Russian Federation in 2009. Will make 53 million sq. The m that on 20 million in sq. m is less, than was planned earlier. According to the plan sounded by the president of the Russian Federation by Dmitry Medvedev, in 2010. Into the Russian Federation it was planned to enter 80 million in sq. m, in 2020. - 120 million in sq. m. However already now in the Russian Federation are observed the big failures in reserves on the future building and correction on 2009.
In turn the president of the Russian union of builders (RSS) Vladimir Jakovlev noticed earlier that as of the end of July cost of square metre across Moscow made 122 - 128 thousand rbl., across Russia as a whole - nearby 39 - 40 thousand rbl. in the primary market.
cost of the social habitation, which purchase will be organised by the state, made an order of 30 thousand rbl. for sq. m. In its opinion, further cost of square metre can decrease on 20 - 40 %, however development of uniform approaches to pricing, and also optimisation of a considerable quantity of an overhead charge for this purpose is required.