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The authorities of Germany have once again supported the Savings Bank and Magna in struggle for Opel

the Government of Germany welcomes offers of consortium Magna and the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation under the transaction about purchase of a German motor-car manufacturer of Opel. It has declared on a press - conferences in Sochi the federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.
she has underlined that in Germany very much welcome offers of a consortium, which, as she said, is an important part of cooperation with Russia .
In turn the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has told that Opel acquisition is secure for Russia from the future economic cataclysms . He has underlined that such investments do not take away money, but help to solve the general problems .
Thus investment activity of Russia and Germany during crisis has increased at the expense of possibility of the repayment of actives at lower prices.
And. Merkel has expressed opinion that the consortium is interested not only in financial making transactions, but also in strategic development of motor industry. The chancellor has added that Magna understands automobile branch also it is interested in expansion of the presence in the Russian market. As she said, such cooperation is favourable and to Russia. it is all intertwines - A.Merkel has told.
the federal chancellor has reminded that there are two investors, ready to participate in Opel. She has added that already there is a contract ready to signing also that the German party should think, for what investor to give the state guarantees .
the Consortium headed Canadian Magna International, has declared that could resolve all disagreements with GM on Opel sale. GM this information has confirmed, but has specified that the final decision on Opel sale will be accepted board of directors of the American autoconcern only next week, after consideration of the changed terms of transaction according to which Magna and the Savings Bank expect to receive on 27,5 % of actions of Opel and to invest in the European company about 500 million euro.
the basic competitor Russian - the Canadian consortium is the Belgian investment fund RHJ International, on whose party of sympathy of management GM. However the German government and trade unions see in offer Magna - the Savings Bank of more guarantees that employees of Opel will manage to keep workplaces.