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M.Ahmadinezhad: we do not have disagreements from the Russian Federation concerning the Bushersky atomic power station

Full start in operation of the Bushersky atomic power station (atomic power station) will occur up to the end 2011. Such statement the president of Iran has made in interview to TV channel RT Mahmud Ahmadinezhad. As he said, the Bushersky atomic power station is already ready for work.
the head of the state also has noticed that Iran does not have financial disagreements with the Russian state corporation Rosatom on building maintenance, and delays of start of station will not be.
we had a conversation with the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev who has told that obstacles for work are not present, and atomic power station start will take place in the put term, under the schedule - the president of Iran has underlined. Certainly, it is necessary to observe all safety measures - he has concluded.
at the moment Russia finishes building of the first atomic power station of Iran, begun in 1974. German concern Kraftwerk Union A. G. (Siemens/ KWU). In 1980. The enterprise has broken off the contract from - for decisions of Berlin to join the American embargo on equipment deliveries to Iran. Cost signed in 1995. The contract of Teheran with Moscow on building renewal has made 1 mlrd dollars
After trial start-up of station in August 2010. It was planned that it will start to develop the electric power in the beginning 2011. In June 2011. The ambassador of Iran in Russia Sejed Mahmud Reza Sadzhadi declared that atomic power station connection to a network of a power supply system of the country will take place in the first decade of August 2011.
However there were then hearings that the Iranian party had financial disagreements with Rosatom.
It is expected that after joining of object to a power system of Islamic Republic the Bushersky atomic power station will provide 40 % of all requirement of the country in an electricity.