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RTS index has risen above a mark in 1200 points

RTS Index has risen to the maximum mark for last 11 months. As of 12:15 Moscow time RTS index has risen above a mark of 1200 points - to 1201,02 points. Last time RTS index was on so high mark in the end of September 2008. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 1,13 % - to 1188,28 points.
Savings Bank quotations (+1,96 %) grow in RTS, Surgutneftegaz (+1,87 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (+3,19 %) and MTS (+1,94 %). On FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in leaders of growth of a paper of the Savings Bank (+2,36 %), Gazprom (+1,31 %), Rosneft (+1,43 %), RusGidro (+3,3 %), KAMAZa (+3,3 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (+3,08 %), Severstal (+2,09 %) and AUTOVAZ (+2,04 %).
If to speak about a tendency which can develop in the Russian share market till the end of autumn, that is the basis for movement continuation upward during any time. The purpose for a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index is the mark of 1200 points - has noted on air - TV expert Promsvjazbanka Sergey Kokorin. Most likely, near to this mark the share market at least begins to be consolidated, thus high volatilnost will remain. Essential correction can begin with these levels in the market. Movement upward can renew, in a case if it will appear the reporting of the American companies better expectations.