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A.Kudrin: Current quarter becomes the beginning of an exit from recession

the Beginning of an exit from recession there will be III quarter 2009γ. Such opinion has stated vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin to journalists following the results of a meeting of Ministers of Finance of the CIS countries. “ today we already do not have in it any doubts “ - A.Kudrin has underlined.
as he said, government measures have allowed in July 2009γ. To increase gross national product by 0,4 % in comparison with May of this year and on 0,5 % in July by June 2009γ. “ That is it is possible to tell that July was first month of an exit from recession “ - has underlined vitse - the prime minister.
thus the minister has noticed that danger of the second wave of crisis remains and to prevent it, additional efforts are necessary. So, in the budget 2009 - 2010γγ. Means for maintenance of bank system as, as he said, complexities in a financial system can brake an overcoming the crisis are put.
in opinion And. Kudrin, one more danger is reduction of prices on the goods as it destimuliruet manufacturers and by that increases quantity “ bad “ debts, reduces demand of the population “ on a chain “. All listed can provoke the second wave of crisis or a slow overcoming the crisis which can be tightened for some years, believes vitse - the prime minister.
thus the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance has added that the anti-recessionary fund of the CIS can already earn in the end of October 2009γ. A.Kudrin also has noticed that Russia already ratified the agreement on creation of fund and is ready to contribute the share. Russia expects, when also other countries ratify the agreement.
“ I know that other participants have prepared the document for ratification and have already considered it at session of the governments. While Belarus lags behind in this process. When all ratify, I will collect commission EvrAzEs, and the fund will earn “ - has noted And. Kudrin, having added that it will occur, presumably, in the end of October 2009γ.