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The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has exceeded a mark in 1200 points

a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index has exceeded a mark in 1200 points. As of 15:10 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 2,17 % - to 1200,49 points. RTS index has risen to a mark 1212,43 points that on 1,53 % above level of closing of the last trading day.
on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in leaders of growth today Savings Bank papers (+3,89 %), Gazprom (+2,29 %), Rosneft (+2,62 %), LUKOIL (+2,42 %), KAMAZa (+2,66 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (+3,08 %), RusGidro (+3,94 %) and VTB (+2,14 %). Savings Bank quotations (+2,48 %) grow In RTS, Rosneft (+2,32 %), LUKOIL (+1,79 %) and FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (+3,19 %).
the Analyst of the company Aton Natalia Vygodina notices that the auctions in the Russian share market have begun with increase of quotations of the most liquid papers. Yesterday`s purchases after negative opening have not deceived expectations, indexes have continued growth. Again in the lead positions occupy actions of electropower sector. Actions of financial and telecommunication sectors bargain at level with the market. The prices for oil of mark WTI have jumped aside again from support at level 68 dollars/ barr., as supports the Russian market. Today at 16:30 Moscow time there is data on retails in the USA for August, has underlined the expert.