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D.Medvedev: gross national product of the Russian Federation in 2009. The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will decrease on 8,5 %

has informed that in 2009. Country gross national product will decrease on 8,5 % though the management of the Russian Federation was guided on 1 - 2 %. the Russian management has underestimated crisis scales. We have counted - depth of falling much more serious - the radio station " transfers words of the head of the state; the Beacon .
At the same time the president has underlined that last month Russia left on an economy pure gain. the rate of inflation has fallen, we have received figure less, than counted - the president has informed, having noticed that the same deflation for the last " was observed some weeks;. For last month it was possible to leave on gross national product pure gain - 0,4 - 0,5 % - D.Medvedev has declared. At the same time he has added that in a total sum all the same it is recession, but it is good that there are such indicators .
As the head of the state, " believes; The government consults with the duties . It does not mean that there were no errors, but they are not made by the one who does nothing. We work hand in hand - the president has concluded.
we will remind that in the beginning of September the Ministry of economic development (MAYOR) has sounded the forecast growth of gross national product of the country. By look-ahead estimations of the ministry, growth of gross national product of the Russian Federation in the second half of the year 2009. It is expected at level 3,9 - 4,5 % in relation to the first half of the year.
meanwhile the International currency fund (IMF) in the beginning of July has worsened of this year the forecast on reduction of gross national product of Russia to 6,5 % in 2009., though in April predicted falling of gross national product of the Russian Federation on 6 %. Thus the forecast on 2010. Was, on the contrary, it is improved: if in April of IMF predicted growth of the Russian economy on 0,5 % now expects its growth already on 1,5 % following the results of next year.
the World bank too has published the report on economy of Russia according to which real gross national product of the Russian Federation can be reduced approximately to 7,9 % in 2009. It is thus noticed that gross national product of Russia can return on pre-crisis level only by the end of III quarter 2012.