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B.Bernanke: Recession in the USA, possibly, has already come to the end

Recession in the USA, possibly, has already come to the end from the technical point of view, however during any period of time the economy will be very weak, growth in 2010. Will be rather moderated. Such opinion was stated by the head of Federal reserve system Ben Bernanke.
As he said, new workplaces in 2010. Will be created by low enough rates though also unemployment will slowly begin to decline next year, transfers Reuters.
Head FRS has once again underlined that it is necessary to solve a problem of occurrence of situations when the state should rescue the system companies which wreck threatens obvalit if not all branch a considerable part of the market.
B.Bernanke has acted in an anniversary of bankruptcy of American investment bank Lehman Brothers which has provoked sharp falling of exchange indexes worldwide and promoted katalizatsii crisis developments.
we Will notice that one of the largest American banks - Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc exactly one year ago has gone bankrupt. This date - on September, 15th 2008. - it is considered to be day of the beginning of world financial crisis, comparable on scales with Great depression 30 - h years of the last century.
after a year after the beginning of world financial crisis economists have counted financial system losses. By the approximate calculations, the largest world economy has spent for struggle against crisis more than 10 trln dollars, thus on each tax bearer it were necessary about 10 thousand dollars the Biggest anti-recessionary programs are accepted in the USA and Great Britain. The USA have spent for struggle against recession nearby 3,6 trln dollars, or a quarter of annual gross national product. Britain has directed on anti-recessionary measures nearby 2,4 trln dollars, or 94 % of annual gross national product.