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The Ministry of Justice of the USA is going to submit the claim to BP on 17 mlrd dollars

the Ministry of Justice of the USA considers possibility of giving of the claim against the British oil company BP for a damage put by failure on oil platform Deepwater Horizon.
Representatives of the American Ministry of Justice have noticed that it is a question of the claim for the sum 17,6 mlrd dollars, transfers CNN.
They have specified that intend to submit the independent claim which is not concerning many already submitted claims against the British company. The reason of such decision in necessity of carrying out of some examinations which are not necessary at other trials.
according to representatives of Ministry of Justice, in case of the proof of the fact of a negligence from employees BP the penalty to 4,3 tys dollars for each barrel which has got to waters of Gulf of Mexico threatens.
meanwhile BP tries to divide responsibility for an event. Earlier the company has assigned a part of fault for failure in Gulf of Mexico on Transocean and Halliburton. The first company was the owner of platform Deepwater Horizon and on the basis of the contract with British was engaged in drilling for BP.
Halliburton, by results of investigation of the British company, was responsible for a special cement barrier on a chink which has been urged to keep hydrocarbons from any vytekanija.
we Will remind, ecological accident at coast USA has begun on April, 20th with methane explosion on a chisel platform. As a result of state of emergency 11 workers were lost. After two days the platform has sunk, and oil has started to follow from the damaged chink on depth of 1,5 km.
in the middle of July leak managed to be stopped, however during failure in waters of Gulf of Mexico has poured out about 5 million barrels of oil. Failure became the largest ecological accident in the history of the United States.