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The drought will strike blow to the price and quality of beer

From - for droughts in Russia deficiency of brewing barley is expected. Its crop this year will be twice more low, than in the past, writes daily. For this reason barley cost already has grown three times. One brewers are ready to make beer from domestic raw materials of poor quality, others consider possibility of purchase of barley abroad that will affect the price of a foamy drink.
in our country in 2009. It has been collected 16 million tons of barley, including about 2 million tons of the brewing. A crop 2010. Under forecasts will be twice less - an order of 9 million tons. On it to the edition was informed by the chief executive of the analytical centre Sovekon Andrey Sizov - younger.
thus in 2010. Average productivity of barley from - for droughts has decreased in one and a half time in comparison with last year. For this reason cost of brewing barley for July - August has grown three times to 9 thousand Roubles for ton, and fodder - in 2,5 times to 5,6 thousand roubles, A.Sizov marks.
according to the head of analytical management of the company Rusagrotrans Igor Pavensky, this year can be collected 700 - 800 thousand tons of brewing barley while the requirement for it makes not less than 2 million tons. Barley and malt import can make 300 - 400 thousand tons, and is possible, and more. Will buy raw materials for beer in countries of Northern Europe - Denmark, Sweden, Finland and France, - but also there barley cost also grows.
according to I.Pavlensky, along with increase in import of barley the Russian brewers also will use raw materials more the poor quality, got on home market. For beer manufacture barley which would carry to fodder - so-called " earlier can be used; conditionally - brewing . Some companies interrogated daily, recognise an admissibility of the given replacement, others, for example, Baltic reject such probability. Representatives of some brewing firms have assured the edition that will go on rise in prices, than for decrease in quality of a product more likely.