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The MAYOR: High duties on foreign cars should be held to 2015 - 2016.

the Russian car industry cannot be helped directly money more - instead it is necessary to prolong the program of recycling and to keep high duties on foreign cars. With such statement at the summit organised by Reuters agency, Andrey Klepach has acted as the deputy minister of economic development. As he said, state support in the form of recycling of cars should be extended and on 2012., and import duties to keep at present level to 2015 - 2016.
the State has already enclosed in support of domestic car industry 170 mlrd rbl. from which 75 mlrd rbl. has got to AUTOVAZ in the form of the direct help. However the program of recycling of second-hand cars has appeared much more effective. At rather small investments from the state it has lifted sales of the Tolyatti giant on third and has returned it to profit.
the Prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin has the day before declared that the program will be prolonged and on 2011. With financing volume in 14 mlrd A.Klepach`s rbl. considers that recycling is not out of place for extending and on 2012. We consider that it will be necessary to prolong the program for 2012, truth, in enough limited sizes - he has declared. As he said, on it it is required only 3 - 5 mlrd rbl. - depending on what will be made decisions on recycling of lorries.
in 2011. On autostuff in the budget it is written down 5 mlrd rbl. in addition to 20 mlrd the rbl., allocated in 2010., has specified A.Klepach.
other measure of support of domestic car industry - preservation of high duties on foreign cars. According to the deputy minister, the decision " is accepted; at least to 2015 - 2016. To keep high level of tariff protection . However, it has consoled, to raise taxes further the government yet does not plan. We and so have already raised them. More we do not gather - he has declared.
however all these measures of support will be vain, if the same AUTOVAZ urgently does not update the lineup. AUTOVAZ if it does not realise the program of modernisation and will not start new models, through 2 - 3 years will go bankrupt also will be already necessary to nobody, even Renault - without superfluous optimism has noticed A.Klepach.