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The MAYOR expects delay of rates of increase of gross national product and inflation acceleration

the Ministry of economic development expects growth of economy following the results of a year at level of 4 %. Thus inflation, most likely, will be fixed by the little below an indicator of last year - on a mark of 8 % that will lead to growth of the rate of refinancing of Bank of Russia this year.
such point of view Andrey Klepach at the summit organised by Reuters agency has stated the deputy minister of economic development. Thus the official adds that despite delay of rates of increase of the Russian economy in III quarter, the power count on growth revival last three months of year.
in August A.Klepach estimated negative effect of a drought at level 0,4 - 0,8 percentage points from gross national product growth. However now department recognises that influence of a drought on rates of increase of the Russian economy can appear finally more. I then (in August) said that it is a direct estimation. Taking into account influence on rates of increase of trade and other consequences there is such minimum estimation. I think, can be more than percentage point - has informed A.Klepach.
However, the deputy minister has calmed that in the autumn department waits for acceleration of investments, promproizvodstva and retail trade that partly compensates failures of summer. According to A.Klepacha, this quarter in economy growth there will be a pause, but further revival will proceed. in annual expression following the results of III quarter of gross national product will show a gain in 3,5 % after 5,2 % following the results of the past quarter - the official predicts.
following the results of a year department expects gross national product growth, as well as was predicted, at level of 4 %. On this year we will be satisfied by such growth. It means that we in IV quarter compensate a part of a pause of growth and there will be an acceleration of growth of investments, the industries, roznitsy - Andrey Klepach has informed, having added that crisis for Russia and world economy as a whole has ended.
speaking about a rate of inflation in Russia following the results of a year, the deputy minister has informed that the MAYOR predicts inflation following the results of September at level of 0,8 %. I Think that in October of the price can be more low, than in September, but then they will return on former level, and as a whole on a year we will receive 7,8 - 8 % - has informed A.Klepach. Thus in connection with forecast increase on inflation the Bank of Russia can slightly raise interest rates, believes the deputy minister. As he said, the refinancing rate can be raised after the September data on inflation.