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The State Office of Public Prosecutor has found infringements in meeting carrying out Nornikelja

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has revealed the infringements connected with procedure of carrying out of annual meeting of shareholders GMK Nornikel . On it to journalists was informed by the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Chajka, having underlined that infringements have been revealed in company statutory acts.
J.Chajka also has noticed that the reasons concerning the revealed infringements the State Office of Public Prosecutor has stated to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
Norilsk nickel has informed that did not receive from the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the additional information on check, except that letter on which the company already informed and in which did not contain remarks.
on Friday, on September, 10th, Norilsk nickel has declared that the State Office of Public Prosecutor following the results of check of carrying out of annual general meeting of shareholders (gosa) has no remarks to the company. According to lawyers of the company, the letter addressed to the general director of the company, does not contain remarks from checking body to GMK Norilsk nickel concerning meeting carrying out. In the letter also it is specified that the president of the Russian Federation is informed on results of check - it was told in message GMK. Thus the company did not publish the letter text.
in Rusale (the shareholder Nornikelja ) Have declared that did not receive the letter from the State Office of Public Prosecutor following the results of check of carrying out of annual meeting.
we will remind, on June, 28th 2010. The meeting of shareholders " has taken place; Nornikelja when at election of board of directors three persons have entered into it from Rusala four - from Interros three persons - from management Nornikelja and three independent directors. After meeting Rusal has declared that elections in board of directors Nornikelja break parity between shareholders Nornikelja that became possible as a result of manipulations with actions GMK belonging to the company.
in opinion Rusala company management has translated quasiexchequer actions on the offshore companies and has voted them against representative veba Alexander Voloshin which nominee has been co-ordinated Rusalom and Interros also it is supported by the state. Rusal Having disagreed with results of voting, has insisted on convocation of extraordinary meeting of shareholders with re-election of board of directors which will take place on October, 21st of this year
In turn GMK Norilsk nickel on July, 16th 2010. Has declared that voting slips at annual general meeting of shareholders of the company will be given for acquaintance to all shareholders GMK which has directed the corresponding requirement after them will check up FSFR. All documents have arrived in department by July, 21st 2010.
In August of this year head and the co-owner Rusala Oleg Deripaska has written the letter to the president of Russia in whom has stated the vision of a situation around Nornikelja . The president has in turn charged to the State Office of Public Prosecutor to understand the conflict of shareholders.
Norilsk nickel Is the world`s largest manufacturer of nickel and a palladium, also makes platinum, copper, cobalt, rhodium, silver, tellurium, selenium, iridium, ruthenium. Group Norilsk nickel is engaged in search, investigation, extraction, enrichment and processing of minerals, manufacture, marketing and realisation of colour and precious metals. In 2009. The total amount of manufacture of commodity nickel has made 282,9 thousand t, copper - 402 thousand t, a palladium - 2 million 805 thousand trojskih ounces, platinum - 661 thousand trojskih ounces.
the basic shareholders GMK Nornikel are head Interros Vladimir Potanin (25 % of an authorised capital stock), OK Rusal (25 %), affiliated companies Nornikelja - Open Society Norilsk it is mountain - metallurgical industrial complex Open Society Kola it is mountain - the metallurgical company Open Society OGK - 3 (7,66 %), Foreign trade and investment bank (3,68 %).