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Inflation in Russia was dispersed from the beginning of year to 5,8 %

In Russia last weeks in connection with an abnormal heat and the drought which has followed it inflation acceleration is fixed. From 7 on September, 13th inflation in the country has made 0,2 %, and from the beginning of year consumer prices have grown already on 5,8 %.
As the Federal Agency of the state statistics (Rosstat) has informed today, in September of last year inflation was zero. In total for the similar period 2009. The gain of consumer prices in the country made 8,1 %.
Following the results of the last week and grechka - eggs most of all have risen in price for 6,3 % and 4,5 % accordingly. The prices for milk, creamy and sunflower-seed oil and on millet have grown on 1,1 - 1,6 %. Wheat flour, sugar and cheese have risen in price on 0,8 - 0,9 %.
Fruit-and-vegetable production became on the average more expensive on 0,5 %, including a potato on 2,3 %, apples on 0,8 %. Simultaneously the onions and cabbage have fallen in price on 1,6 %, carrots - on 1,1 %.
the Prices for automobile gasoline and diesel fuel for the accounting period have not changed.
all for expired period of year the leader on a rise in prices became grechka, risen in price from January, 1st on September, 13th of this year almost on 105 %. The prices for a potato have grown for the same period on 61,3 %, and belokochannaja the cabbage has risen in price for 81,6 %.
Ministry of economic development and trade predicts inflation following the results of a year at level 7,5 - 7,8 %. The former forecast of department on inflation made 7 - 7,5 %, and even earlier this indicator was expected at level 6 - 7 %.
In turn zamglavy MAYOR Andrey Klepach has informed the day before that following the results of September inflation in the country will make about 0,8 %, and as a whole for a year consumer prices can grow on 7,8 - 8 %. I Think that in October of the price can be more low, than in September, but as a whole on a year we will receive 7,8 - 8 % - the official has informed, having added that is notable above 8 % this indicator will not rise.