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The euro has risen in price following the results of the auctions for 43 copecks

Trading session in the Russian currency market passed today under the badge of sharp decrease in a rate of national currency in relation to euro and bivaljutnoj to a basket ($0,55 and 0,45 euros). As a result of the euro quotation for the first time since March 40 rbl. have risen above a mark, and the basket of Bank of Russia has risen in price to 7 - a monthly maximum.
at the moment of closing of the auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange for one euro gave 39,99 rbl. - for 43 copeck above level of closing of the previous session. In total for last three trading days the all-European currency has risen in price almost for 70 copeck
have raised following the results of day and the quotation of the American currency a little. On closing of the auctions at 17:00 Moscow time the dollar bargained on a mark 30,82 rbl. - for 8 copeck above level of closing of the auctions the day before. Thus the maximum transactions on dollar were made already near to a mark 31 rbl. - at level 30,97 rbl./ dollars
Bivaljutnaja the basket has finished day on a mark 35,12 rbl. - for 40 copeck Above level of closing of the last trading day. Last time cost of a basket of Bank of Russia was on so high mark in February of this year.
we will remind that the official rate of dollar established by Bank of Russia for tomorrow, makes 30,74 rbl./ dollars, an euro exchange rate - 39,91 rbl./ euro.