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Struggle for a place in the sun: what future is foreordained to AUTOVAZ

At the time of Soviet Union each inhabitant of the country dreamt about “ the Zhiguli “. To have such car was a question of prestige and a well-being indicator: not all presumed to get to itself, for example, “ copeck “. The situation and after Union disorder has not strongly changed: the factory confidently kept afloat, making almost unique Russian product which were ready to buy.
demand for domestic cars remained on record-breaking high marks in an extent at least decades. However in the beginning 2000 - h years in the country the river foreign investments have begun to flow: at once some concerns declared building in Russia the factories therefore the market was captivated by rather inexpensive foreign cars, which “ the Zhiguli “ considerably conceded on quality.
since then in the history of AUTOVAZ the black strip has begun. Has definitively knocked down positions of the automobile giant burst in 2008γ. World financial crisis. As a result the enterprise has appeared on the verge of bankruptcy and has been compelled to address for the help to the state. Having worried uneasy crisis years, the concern has managed to return to profit, but till now is not clear, whether growth of sales is natural or it is supported skilfully by the program of recycling and the state. Experts, having reflected on the further future of concern, agree in opinion that to AUTOVAZ quite on forces not only to return the lost positions, but also to win new buyers. The question only in, whether will suffice boldness at managers and patience at the state.

AUTOVAZ History totals former power without small 45 years. At the time of the USSR the motor-car manufacturer was the enterprise of which all inhabitants of the country by right were proud. Enough big for those times the lineup and rather low prices along with total absence of a competition have helped concern of all to become for some decades the largest motor-car manufacturer in the Eastern Europe. Thus vazovskie legkovushki though have been calculated mainly on home market, well were on sale abroad - in peak 1979γ. Abroad it has been sent about 40 % of all production of factory.
the concern has managed to stand and during an uneasy epoch of reorganisation: in the end of 80 - h - the beginning 90 - h against collapsing Russian economy VAZ confidently kept afloat. Demand for automobile cars of a motorcar giant constantly exceeded the offer. Thus foreign motor-car manufacturers practically could not compete with Russian - the difference in the prices was too great. And considering that fact that the raw materials and labour in tevremena cost very little, before sellers of cars huge possibilities opened really.
Was in the history of AUTOVAZ and criminal page. The numerous intermediaries selling vtridoroga cheap vazovskie cars, made profit of the parent company and did not want to concede to competitors the share of the market. As a result in 1990 - e years have started to steal up to factory gangster groupings, having seen in it as in gradoobrazujushchem the enterprise means for control over all city. In a pursuit zakontrolem over AUTOVAZ within the next 10 years in Tolyatti the most bloody has burst in the newest criminal history of Russia war in which course nearby 500 persons, according to the most conservative estimates, were lost.
sharp change of an alignment of forces on a domestic car market has occurred only in 2000 - h years. On the one hand, low quality of the Tolyatti cars has ceased to arrange consumers, with another - foreign manufacturers have begun to develop actively in Russia the manufactures, and the prices for their cars began to come nearer dangerously to dollar cost new “ tens “. In 2002γ. AUTOVAZ popytalsjapovernut a situation to own advantage, having created joint venture from General Motors. There has soon been begun release of the car of Chevrolet Niva, however essentially to change an alignment of forces at a motorcar giant it has not turned out.
what for AUTOVAZ to the state?
Against and so decreasing demand burst in 2008γ. Financial crisis became for concern the present damnation. Following the results of 2009γ. Company sales have failed twice, and the general debt has exceeded a mark 40 mlrd rbl. of which more than 10 mlrd the rbl. were made by debts against suppliers. The enterprise has appeared on the verge of bankruptcy: It was impossible to serve a huge debt of AUTOVAZ in view of unprofitableness of manufacture. Being afraid of social explosion from - for mass lay-offs nagradoobrazujushchem the enterprise, the state has allocated to car factory the interest-free loan in 25 mlrd rbl. thanks to which the concern managed to pay off with creditors.
Besides, within the limits of state support AUTOVAZ lineup has got under a government program of subsidising of interest rates under autocredits. To lift factory from knees also the high customs duties on import of foreign cars and starting in March 2010γ have been called. The recycling program. Experts notice that the given program was written exclusively under AUTOVAZ: more than 80 % from 600 thousand cars realised on it were necessary on production of the Tolyatti giant.
Here it would be desirable to stop on why the state in the conditions of crisis has given so scale support to AUTOVAZ. Why for the sake of preservation of life to a power motorcar giant even have made extremely unpopular decision sharply to raise the tax on import of foreign cars from - for a boundary, having created all conditions for the further development of concern.
to give the terse answer to this question uneasy. First of all it is necessary to remember that stable work of AUTOVAZ on which well-being of an order of 4 million the Russians living in region depends is necessary for the state. About much says even that fact that for 40 years from the moment of creation of factory population of Tolyatti has grown almost in 10 times - from 80 thousand persons in 1967γ. To more 700 thousand persons by the end 2008γ.
the Important role is played by AUTOVAZ and in region economy that, however, it is no wonder. According to agency “ avtostat “ in 2009γ. The city budget on 40 % was filled at the expense of tax deductions from AUTOVAZ, still an order 25 - 30 % arrived from the enterprises directly depending on a motorcar giant.
Besides, it is impossible to forget that AUTOVAZ is one of the few (if not the only thing) the Russian enterprise focused not on mining operations, and on manufacture of the goods necessary to the consumer. In case of bankruptcy of concern it would be possible to forget about domestic motor industry and to give a huge Russian car market on worry to foreign manufacturers.
probably for this reason the authorities continued to support AUTOVAZ in spite of the fact that the enterprise throughout several crisis years remains unprofitable - and for the state in the person “ Rostehnology “ and for foreign shareholders in the name of the French Renault. AUTOVAZ has made for Frenchmen profit only in I half-year of this year - about 37 million euro. But this sum looks a drop in the sea in comparison with those losses, which Renaults has incurred from participation in concern earlier. In total their sum for three years has exceeded 500 million euro, from which 370 million euro it was necessary only on crisis 2009γ.
Together in the light future
So the concern waits further? AUTOVAZ management, having finished crisis and having returned to profit, recently has decided to be engaged in a lineup of the giant seriously. Strategy - 2020 in which frameworks it is planned to enter a large quantity of new models has been first of all presented. At the first stage (2011 - 2013γγ.) starts manufacture Lada Granta (a sedan - in 2011γ., a hatchback - in 2013γ.), models R90 and F90 (in 2012γ.) Updated Priora and Kalina. During the same time will be laid off “ classical “ models and Lada Samara. The second stage will begin with the end 2014γ.: then manufacture of family Lada C, models B - cross and C - cross will be started.
However, many experts oppose disposals from “ classics “: in their opinion, throughout long time of the car of these marks were one of the most sold in Russia, and AUTOVAZ simply risks to lose a part of clients. It is supposed that on change “ classical “ to models will come Lada Grantΰ which official sales should begin in December. However, the analysts warn, the new car can delay on itself a part of potential buyers of other running models, vypuskkotoryh the Tolyatti enterprise is not going to turn off, such as Lada Kalina, Lada Priora and “ Samara “.
Thus the president of AUTOVAZ Igor Komarov does not hide that the company “ Hurried up to have time to prepare for release the car (Granta) which can solve a part of problems of AUTOVAZ “. By words a top - the manager, by December of sale of concern will be reduced to 40 thousand cars a month against 55 thousand cars in June. I.Komarov However, assures, the enterprise initially was ready to it - the falling forecast has been put in business - the plan which was made still in 2010γ.
Besides announced Lada Granta to support sales of the Tolyatti giant one more new model - Lada Largus is called. This car will be offered in two basic updatings: in the form of a cargo double van (the price from 310 thousand rbl.) or in the form of five - or the seven-seater versatile person (the price from 340 thousand rbl.) . Experts already designate to this car the light future. “ at such price the car will be extremely popular, as its cost considerably below foreign analogues present in the market “ - the general director " assures; avtostata “ Sergey Tselikov.
an easy European shade
At last, AUTOVAZ has decided to add to habitual models an easy European shade: about one month back the company has concluded the contract with the British designer Steve Mattinom - Volvo models - S60, V60 and XC60 left the person who has created design Mercedes A - a class and from - under which a feather. S.Mattin who will officially enter a post of the main designer of AUTOVAZ since October, 1st, cannot change sedan Lada Granta, which commodity manufacture here - here will begin, however the European has every chance to participate in a face - lifting Kalina and Lada 4υ4.
Anyway to see the definitive product created by the British star, it will be possible only in three years. However already now experts are unequivocal what to be developed on full power and cardinally to change style of mark to it will not give. “ AUTOVAZ always was an example of absolutely inadequate design in respect of cars. I think that the new designer will make cars more nice, but revolutionary it is not necessary to wait for something “ - general director Auto - Dealer speaks. ru Oleg Datskiv.
According to the expert, that price segment in which the basic product of AUTOVAZ works, does not mean any special design things. “ on the other hand, for 220 - 300 thousand roubles it is heavy to do beautiful cars. Look at the same Ford, Renault, Sandero Logan - not so beautiful cars, but they budgetary and do not break “ - he marks, adding that buyers want from AUTOVAZ only reliability and quality.
As a whole, analysts summarise, the British designer should do huge work. After all business not only and is not so much in design, how many in that on cars quality accessories were established. “ I think that at AUTOVAZ the consumer is still ready to forgive design miscalculations. But I would take not the good designer, and normal suppliers - people who will change reliability and quality of this car. To simply people a reluctance to buy the new car and srazuzhe it independently to tint, put podkrylki, antikorrit, to put dopoborudovanie and all the same in a week to go to service as something has broken. It is the basic problem “ - concludes O.Datskiv.
Instead of an epilogue
Anyway, solving for a motor-car manufacturer should become 2012γ., when it remains without the program of recycling and state grants, analysts summarise. Here then the company also will show, what place in the sun is worthy to occupy.
Julia Kuchkina, Maria Zaharova,