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J. Lunder will replace A.Izosimova on post of the head VimpelCom

New head VimpelCom Ltd. Joe Lunder will be appointed, told in the company message. Alexander Izosimov earlier holding this post, has made decision to leave it on June, 30th 2011γ.
Thus, hearings circulating in the market about A.Izosimova`s leaving from the company have proved to be true. For the first time they have appeared several months ago, however J. Lunder among candidates on a post of the general director earlier did not appear.
officially the reasons of change of a management are not made comments, but most likely it is connected with preschedule execution of contract obligations by the present general director. “ A.Izosimov has carried out all problems put before it, in particular, has closed the transaction on association Vimpelcom with Wind Telecom, to wait for the termination of the contract there is no sense “ - explains one of newspaper sources “ Kommersant “.
Supervisory board VimpelCom also has suggested honourable chairman of board of directors VimpelCom of Ogi Fabelu to hold a post of the new chairman of the supervisory board. General meeting of shareholders of the company on which the question on election of the new supervisory board of the company will be considered, will pass on June, 28th 2011γ.
J. Lunder during the period between 1999γ. And 2003γ. Occupied posts of the general director and the operational director “ Vympelcom “. With 2003γ. It was the independent director and the chairman of boards of directors at first in “ Vympelcom “ and then in VimpelCom Ltd. In 1993 - 1999γγ. J. Lunder occupied various posts in company Telenor.
A.Izosimov has headed VimpelCom Ltd. On November, 30th 2009γ. Since October 2003γ. Till April 2009γ. It held a post of the general director of Open Society “ Vympelcom “ (a trade mark “ a Biline “).