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The USA can already reach bankruptcy by August of this year

the USA once again have rested in top a ceiling loans, having occupied neither much nor a little 14,3 trln dollars Now all depends on congressmen, which have two months on approving increase of the top lath of a state debt. While the Ministry of Finance should tighten a few a belt and temporarily to do without loans.
experts, meanwhile, notice that in case of a failure of negotiations on increase in a lath of a state debt the largest economy of the world hard times wait. Moreover, if till August, 2nd legislators do not vote for the further escalating of a state debt, the USA there will be nothing of other, except how to declare a default under the obligations.
realises it and working president Barack Obama who has warned the congress about approach in the country of deep crisis, in a case if investors start to doubt credit status of the USA. If investors decide that the point on full confidence and respect is not supported, if they think that we can break our obligations, it can disorganise all a financial system - the president in interview to channel CBS News has informed.
Confirm B.Obama`s words and the data of research institute Third Way. In particular, in the document it is said that the USA can roll down again in recession if inactivity of Washington leads to a default. Will be thus lost an order of 640 thousand workplaces, stock markets will fall off, and credit activity will be reduced, marks Reuters agency.
thus the election campaign as a matter of fact already starting in the USA, only aggravates a problem. Against the further increase of a lath of a state debt leaders of the Republican Party act, demanding to take measures for deduction of debts of the country under control. Negotiations between the White house and legislators are conducted by the vice-president of the USA Joe Bajden but while, as he said, too early to hope for a desirable outcome of negotiations.
it is necessary to notice also that Barack Obama in February 2010. Has promised to struggle with budgetary deficiency and has confirmed a new limit for a state debt indicator at level 14,3 trln dollars Given a ceiling has been reached only for a year.