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Russia in March has continued to get rid of state bonds of the USA

Pure inflow of the capital to the USA in March of current year has made 116 mlrd dollars, is informed in the materials published today by the Ministry of Finance of the country.
from the report published today also follows that Russia reduces the sixth month the investments in the American exchequer papers (treasuries) successively. For March the share of the Russian participation in state bonds of the USA was reduced for 2,7 mlrd dollars - to 127,8 mlrd the dollars
Gradually reduce the share in treasuries and China. Following the results of March the second-large economy of the world has sold the American state bonds almost on 10 mlrd dollars However, even despite it, the Peoples Republic of China remains the indisputable leader on possession volume exchequer papers of the USA - an order 1,14 trln dollars
Japan and Great Britain which also is one of the world`s largest holders of the American state debt, in March have continued to increase the participation in these papers. So, Japan has got for accounting month treasuries for a total sum 17,6 mlrd dollars and now Britain owns papers for a total sum 907,9 mlrd dollars has increased the participation in a state debt of the USA almost on 30 mlrd dollars - to 907,9 billion
In February, under the specified data of the American Ministry of Finance, pure inflow of the capital to the USA made 95,6 mlrd dollars after inflow at a rate of 38,7 mlrd dollars following the results of January. In total in I quarter 2011. Pure inflow of the capital to the USA has made 250,3 mlrd dollars