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Magic of numbers: cigarettes in Russia will rise in price to 146 rbl. for a pack

the Russian smokers have decided to disaccustom to an addiction the high prices for cigarettes. As experts of the International centre under taxes and investments, to 2018 predict. Cost of a pack of cigarettes will grow in 5 times and will make about 146 roubles, writes today the Russian newspaper .
In a case if calculations of analysts are true, tobacco in system of expenses of Russians will make about 12 % from the daily personal had income. For the poorest words of the population this indicator will reach 28 %. The increase in volume of the illegal market becomes the main consequence of similar draconian measures.
according to the president of the International centre under taxes and investments of Deniela Uitta, the volume of the legal market will fall twice - to 186 mlrd cigarettes. Thus for today it makes 369 mlrd cigarettes in a year. Under the forecast of experts, the share of the illegal market can make to 35 %. The similar conclusion has been made on the basis of experience of Bulgaria, Ireland and Poland where the government undertook detailed for struggle against smokers. For today Russia is the second country in the world, most actively consuming tobacco production. As the main supplier of counterfeit cigarettes China which is the leader in the specified segment of the shadow market can act.
manufacturers of cigarettes believe that a rise in prices for their production can urge on and other factors, for example, introduction obligatory cheerful pictures with the image of consequences of a tobacco smoking. It is necessary to spend for realisation of the specified measures about 28 million dollars, the chief executive of Council about development of the tobacco industry Edward Vorontsov assumes. We will remind, frightening pictures according to the order of Ministry of Health should decorate packs of cigarettes in a year.