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Salaries in Russia will cease to give out cash

the Ministry of Finance of Russia has developed the bill, according to which with 2013. All employers will be obliged to list a salary to the employees only in the non-cash form on bank cards. Corresponding amendments are already brought for discussion of working group concerning development of non-cash payments at the Ministry of Finance, write today News .
Besides it, bill examination spend also in public organisation of small and average business the SUPPORT of Russia .
the Specified measure will allow to reduce expenses of the state for a cash monetary turn, to lower risks of armed assaults on workers in day of reception of a salary, and also to raise control over a collecting of taxes. Amendments provide that the salary can be transferred strictly into account, specified by the employee. Thus the firms working in remote areas of the country, and also the company with number of the personnel less than 35 persons can avoid action of the specified amendments. It is expected that similar measures will extend both on legal bodies, and on individual businessmen.
the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov believes that the offered bill will be accepted within a year. Introduction of amendments in action will raise liquidity of banks and will make credits more accessible to the population.
besides it, the Ministry of Finance suggests to equip also the most part of shops with devices for reception of cards. Experts are afraid that obligatory non-cash payments can turn back rise in prices in the same shops, after all banks frequently take considerable percent for the services, and installation of devices for reception of cards will cost a pretty penny.
Some observers pay attention that similar haste from the ministry can testify that department lobbies interests of banks and manufacturers POS - terminals. Anyway, members of the organisation the SUPPORT of Russia are assured that on input of new system some years will leave.