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The euro grows in hope of gross national product increase

Euro aggressively restores the positions with opening of the auctions in Europe. In an hour of trading session the European currency has risen from a mark 1,268 dollars to 1,274 dollars by 12:30 Moscow time. From Europe good news that is the cause for purchase of cheap euro arrive.
Greece has found money
the Ministry of Finance of Greece has informed on payment of 435 million euro to owners of the bonds which have not entered into the plan of re-structuring of a debt, transfers Associated Press. According to the department decision, Greece will make payment for the sum about 435 million euro for repayment of the basic amount of debt and percent on bonds with repayment term on May, 15th . Owners of the given bonds have refused to take part in re-structuring of the Greek debt. The total sum of such bonds makes nearby 6,4 mlrd euro, a total sum of the Greek debt to private creditors has made 200 mlrd euro.
Earlier the country government informed, what not in a condition to pay money to those investors who have refused to take part in an exchange of securities. According to terms of transaction with private investors, Greece managed to reduce volume of an external state debt approximately to third. Investors have lost to 75 % of the means enclosed in old securities.
Frenchmen - for growth
the President of France Francois Olland has the day before made the first foreign trip from the moment of the introduction into a post: it has met in Berlin German chancellor Angela Merkel. F.Olland has confirmed that France will continue strong relations with Germany. Besides, he has noted necessity of strengthening and stimulation of economy for all Europe, transfers Bi - bi - si.
On joint from A.Merkel the press - F.Olland`s conferences has declared that relations between two countries should be balanced and valid . It is informed that heads of two countries have discussed debt crisis in EU: F.Olland has opposed of some the measures of rigid economy offered by A.Merkel.
speaking about the Pact of stability and growth of EU, F.Olland has noticed that is necessary to do the utmost for growth achievement at the summit of leaders of the EU countries which will pass next week. It also has expressed desire that Greece remained in an euro zone, despite the political crisis which has captured the country.
the Sales volume of cars is where to grow in the countries of the European union (EU) in April 2012
. Has decreased on 6,9 % in comparison with April 2011. Also has made 1 million 17 thousand 912 pieces, it is informed in the report of the European association of motor-car manufacturers published today (ACEA).
In April 2012. The situation with sales of cars in Europe was not homogeneous. The sales volume has grown in Germany on 2,9 % - to 274 thousand 66 motor vehicles, in Great Britain - on 3,3 % - to 142 thousand 322 units. The indicator has decreased in Italy on 18 % - to 129 thousand 663 units, France - on 1,9 % - to 166 thousand 552 units, in Spain - on 21,7 % - to 56 thousand 250 cars.
thus, advancing indicators, in particular the automobile market, continue to testify to crisis in the countries of southern Europe. Recession of sales speaks about uncertainty of consumers in tomorrow. On this background the data about gross national product can be depressing. It will by all means be reflected in a bond market of Italy and Spain, and those become the weight on an euro exchange rate.
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